Wish upon a shooting star.

With D.Va being the latest Overwatch hero to get an animated short, in her “Shooting Star” segment, and the release of the new Busan map, Blizzard are introducing the D.Va Nano Cola Challenge to players to an entire host of D.Va based goodies right up until September 10.

The new Busan map and D.Va’s Shooting Star short are behind the Nano Cola Challenge

Wins in Arcade, Quick Play, and Competitive matches will all earn you extra loot on top of regular rewards during this challenge. Three wins in any mode will snag you two D.Va sprays, six wins will earn you a new player icon, and a total of nine victories will the titular Nano Cola skin for D.Va your way.

But you don’t even have to play the game to earn some prizes, with Blizzard partnering up with a bunch of streamers and for every hour you watch a featured stream, you’ll get a new emoji spray – but you’ll get cut off after eight hours, after which you might want to go outside or something.

The Nano Cola Challenge will run on all platform versions of Overwatch until September 10.