It’s three of your five daily indie nutrients.

Hello and welcome to yet another weekly roundup of the indie news stories you need to know about. And with Nintendo offering up a whole avenue to indie games on the Switch and a couple of games worth keeping an eye on, can you think of any better ways to get you indie intake in one easy go?

Come one, come all: Nintendo set to introduce an Indie app on the Switch

This week’s Nintendo Showcase showed off the new Indie Games app that you can get for the Switch right now.

The app can be used to keep up with the latest information about upcoming titles, release dates, and updates to games. But more than that, the app will let you see Q&A segments with developers, and even a few extra surprises that Nintendo have in store – but there’s no word on what that could mean just yet.

You can find the new channel in the News section, it’s live right now so go take a look. I’ve just realised that Nintendo are horning in on my weekly feature… what teh hell do we pay that games mafia for if not for this!?

Be Boundless: MMO Beyond Gets a Release Date

An MMO from the Square Enix Collective, Boundless, got a release date this week, with the adventure arriving on PC and PS4 on September 11.

Boundless offers up a Minecraft-esque experience, with players able to gather resources and build… stuff. But on top of the basic building functionality, you’ll also be able to help create an entire civilisation together with the game’s trailer talking about trading with other players. Of course, the real experience – based on my understanding of Minecraft games, will be you building a small hut and then having someone rush in and burn it down.

Every empire has its hiccups, right?

In the build-up to the game’s full release, the early access build has been taken offline, but PS4 and PC players won’t have to wait long before they have their small hovels burned down, with the cross-play MMO releasing in just a couple of weeks.

Not Mirror’s Edge 3: Hover parkours on to Console next month

If you’ve been looking to get your parkour and dystopian fix after the like of Mirror’s Edge and Dying Light, then Hover… offers something totally different to those two games, but still has parkour.

Dropping you off in Hover City, you’ll get to play as one of nine death-defying characters in the futuristic city where… fun has been banned? That’s right, the mayor or some other clown has banned all leisurely activity and it’s now up to you and your rebellion of people who can run fast and don’t mind jumping off dangerously high structures to wake the rest of society up.

Accompanying you along for your colourful revolution is a soundtrack jam-packed with K-Pop which, depending on your musical tastes, is either good or bad (there are no in-betweens with K-Pop). You’ll also be able to play online with friends and ditch them whenever you want, with the game offering up seamless offline and online modes.

Hover will be coming to PS4 on September 18, Xbox on September 19, and onto the Switch on September 20, with the game costing £25/$25 on all platforms. But, even if you and your mates all get the game on different platforms, don’t shed a single tear! Because Hover offers cross-play on all platforms so now you have no excuses not to play it… none.

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