It’s a firestarter, a twisted firestarter.

The next expansion for Ubisoft’s For Honor, Marching Fire, will be holding an open test for PC players between September 6 and September 10. The test will be our first look at the next adventure and Ubisoft seem to be going all out with giving you a taste of what’s to come.

During the open test, you’ll be able to play as all 22 characters, including the new Wu Lin fighters, a group of Chinese warriors that will follow the same suit of fighter types we’ve seen before but add a little extra flair with the like of the dual-wielding Nuxia.

Along with the new fighters, the open test will be our first look at the new perks system, which is going to replace the gear stats feature we’ve all come to know and… know. We don’t have too much information on what these perks might be, so it’ll be interesting to find out why they’ve replaced the gear system.

You’ll also be able to play both Duel and the new Breach mode in either PvP, PvE, and even custom matches. The new Breach mode will see two teams taking up the role of attacker and defender, with one team having to – can you guess? breach a fort and kill the commander, and the opposing side having to eith destroy the battering ram or wipe out all the other players to win. Breach will be a free update for all players when Marching Fire gets its full release.

And it’s not just gameplay changes we’ll see during the test; victory screens will show off the customisation and stats of the winning team, and make them stand in weird, victorious poses. During the test, you’ll only see the default one but other poses will be launching later.

On top of that, we’ll also get to see the new dialogue options that unfold during battles. Created to insert a little extra life into the fight, warriors will now trade some speech depending on who they’re with and how the battle is going – so there probably won’t be much chatter about how they expect Arsenal to get on over the weekend.

The Marching Fire open test is available to all PC player from September 6 to September 10 and you can begin downloading the test from September 4. The full release of Marching Fire will arrive on October 16 – and if you haven’t had a go on it yet, don’t forget that it’s still available with Xbox’s Games with Gold until September 15.