Every outlaw needs a blanket.

If you thought there weren’t enough collector editions of Red Dead Redemption 2 already you’re in luck. Because Rockstar has given details about what’s included in the limited edition “Outlaw Essential” version of the game.

These scamps on a blanket?! I’m in!

Coming soon to a Rockstar warehouse near you, the Outlaw Essential comes packed to the rafters with extra goodies on top of, y’know, the game. Along with the game, you’ll also get a snuggly blanket that shows off the whole Van Der Linde Gang, a collection of t-shirts, and a small assortment of weird period-appropriate gadgets, like a collapsible shot glass, and a glass tray decorated by John Derian – who has no association with Rockstar from what we can see but does make very nice things.

There’s no word yet as how much this treasure trove of goodies will set you back or even when the Outlaw Essential pack will be available to pick up, but it’s sure to be pretty soon and pretty pricey. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be gracing PC and consoles on October 26.