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Filling in for John this week, I’m peeling myself away from my latest Sims endeavour (I’m more excited about remodeling a fictional house than my own one…) and am here to bring you all the hottest news from this week. So sit back, relax, and get up to date with all the latest gaming gossip.

SoulCalibur VI could be the last entry in the series.

When speaking to Dualshockers in a recent Gamescom interview, producer Motohiro Okubo sadly noted that the series is already in a tenuous state, and depending on the sales of the next game, there may not be a SoulCalibur VII – it’s all up to the fans now.

When speaking to Dualshockers’ Giuseppe Nelva via a translator, Okubo said that the “franchise had low expectations from the company. It was actually facing a crisis of maybe disappearing. It took time for me to convince the company,” which is never good news for such a long running series. They are trying to liven things up with the introduction of Geralt of Rivia entering the fray, of the staggeringly popular Witcher 3 fame.

SoulCalibur VI is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21, 2018, and if you want to be tempted, we got to play it a little while ago, showing off a small teaser of what’s to come.

Elder Scrolls Online’s Wolfhunter DLC bounds its way to console.

In case there wasn’t enough ESO in your life, Wolfhunter, the newest DLC, and Update 19, have hit PS4 and Xbox One. While PC players have had the chance to get their teeth into this for a couple of weeks now, console players finally get the chance to play two new dungeons – “Of Sacrifices” and “Moon Hunter Keep,” which also offers up new equipment and treasure.

It’s free for ESO Plus players, but anyone else will have to buy it separately – ESO is, however, free to download on Xbox One if you have a Games Pass. Update 19, on the other hand, brings gameplay improvements, a new battleground map in the Istirus Outpost, changes to the PvP mode in the game, as well as small fixes to how you manage your skills, and improvements to the whole werewolf skilltree.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is going backwards… compatible, that is.

If autumn is too far away for the inevitable Call of Duty release, you’ll be pleased to know you won’t need to dust off the Xbox 360 to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 anymore; it’s coming to the Xbox backwards compatibility collection.

You’ll either need an original copy of the game, or a digital download of it in your Xbox game library – if all else fails, the Xbox Store is selling it for around £25. Since there are already rumours whirling around about Modern Warfare 2 potentially getting its own remaster, much like Modern Warfare did, admittedly without the multiplayer mode, it might be a good idea to brush up on your skills, and git gud just in case those rumours turn out to be true.

And finally… take on the Nano Cola Challenge in Overwatch to win!

After the release of the latest animated short, “Shooting Star,” this time for D.Va, and the new Busan map, Blizzard are offering Overwatch fans a new competition – the D.Va Nano Cola Challenge, where players can try to win a range of D.Va themed prizes until it finishes on September 10, 2018.

Wins in Arcade, Quick Play, and Competitive matches will drop extra loot on top of your regular wins, and three wins in any mode will reward you with two D.Va sprays, six wins gets a new player icon, and nine wins will get you the Nano Cola skin for D.Va. If you don’t fancy playing the actual game itself, Blizzard are collaborating with a range of streamers. For every hour that you watch a featured stream, you’ll get a new emoji spray, but this does cut off after eight hours, for all you hardcore fans.

The Nano Cola Challenge will be running on all platforms that Overwatch is on until September 10, 2018, so go and win those goodies!

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