Fighting is all they know.

If you’ve already opened up the latest DLC pack for Tekken 7 you may have noticed two familiar faces returning to the roster in the shape of super-cop Lei Wulong and bride-to-be Anna Williams with both characters scraping together whatever excuse they could to get back into the Iron Fist Tournament.

Having left the professional fighting scene and his day job as a policeman, Lei seems to have got a tad obsessed with TV star Lucky Chloe and has decided to re-enter the fighting tournament in the hopes of meeting her. Lei isn’t just there in the hopes of love though, for some reason he’s also gone back to fighting in order to investigate the mysterious G Corporation and reveal its equally mysterious leader. An investigation, eh? well, a fighting tournament seems like the place way to do that; it’s not as if Lei has any other way he could investigate… like, as a policeman.

Anna’s reason for going back to full-time ass kicking is a lot more simple that Lei’s. Having been all set to get married, Anna’s husband got a little bit shot to death. And now, with a dead husband to avoid thinking about, Anna is looking for revenge… and possibly a tournament prize.

Both Lei and Anna are available now for players with the Season Pass but can also be purchased as part of Tekken 7’s fourth and fifth DLC packs where they’ll be joined by zombie and people killing machine Negan from the Walking Dead.

So, are you happy with the return of Lei and Anna or would you have liked to see a different face return to the ring? Let us know in the comments below!