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Hello and welcome back to another edition of our weekly news roundup, your one-stop shop for the latest stories going on in gaming’s gritty underbelly. And with games coming out of early access, the latest newcomers to the battle royale… battle, and just regular releases (yes, those still happen) there’s a lot to look out for.

Release the game: Phantom Halls aims for full release by Halloween

Incendium Games are aiming to have their 2d survival-horror out of early access just in time for halloween.

The game arrived on Steam’s early access program back in March 2017 and since then the game’s amassed a fair amount of players and a “mostly positive” list of reviews on their store page.

The game sees players work together to survive a night in a haunted house, throwing up the usual survival-horror tropes that’ll have you either making every swing of the bat or every count – otherwise, you’ll be doing a lot of running. You’ll be taking controlling of a squad of characters, switching between them as you find out more about the haunted house you’re searching.

Each level is procedurally generated and considering the type of game Phantom Halls offers, it’s a decision that should work well for the game, offering players a different experience with each session.

Phantom Halls is still available to pick up in early access, going for £10/$13 before the price increases after its full release.

It’s full of vitamin e: Ninjin: Clash of Carrots out now

But if you’re looking for something a little closer to now to get your hands on, you’ll be happy to hear that Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is out right now on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ninjin offers a return to the retro insanity of side-scrolling beat’em ups through the game’s decision to have you constantly running puts a bit of a twist on that genre.

Being described as an “orgasm for the eyes” by our very own Jay in his review of Ninjin, the game’s Saturday morning cartoon design, fast-paced gameplay, and the fairly generous amount of customisation the games offers means it could very well be your next go-to game during your morning commute, if you own a Switch that is.

Ninjin is out now for £15/$20 across all platforms.

It’s your rite: Battlerite Royal set for September release

Much like how Fortnite started as a generic base-building PvE multiplayer – or whatever the hell it was before it pivoted to the battle royale genre, Battlerite from Stunlock Studios has similar plans.

Having started out as a League of Legends inspired MOBA but it has bigger ideas in mind now as it prepares to introduce a battle royale mode on September 26. Though, it has a different idea for the layout of it royale, with Stunlock deciding to keep the top-down perspective of the game in its upcoming mode.

Whether or not this gimmick is enough to separate Battlerites version of the mode in a now obscenely saturated market remains to be seen but the fact that the battle royal game won’t be free to play, with a price of £20/$20 on Steam’s early access probably won’t do it any favours. Though Battlerite’s free to play game has had a huge player base and it’s been received incredibly well by players, so the move to put a single price on the battle royale may not be such a gamble.

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