Final Quest Fantasy Brave Dragon.

For a limited time, Final Fantasy: Brave Evius are hosting a collaborative event with Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age to celebrate its imminent launch. From now, until September 20, 2018, you can play through some new Dragon Quest series content, and also have access to previous past limited-time Dragon Quest events.

The mighty Estark awaits players who are ready for a challenge and seeking generous rewards from a new raid event. Players will also be able to add Estark, Ãœberkilling Machine, and Slime Knight to their ranks through a new featured summon. Iconic Marquis de Leon, Dracky, and Slime units will also be available via a raid summons.

Dragon Quest series monsters Golem and Robbin Ood can be found in regular battles, while boss battles will include the Dragonlord and Orochi. Medal rewards earned from winning these battles may be exchanged for Erdrick’s sword, among other trademark equipment and items from the Dragon Quest series.