Engines ready.

Ahead of its full release on October 2, Playground Games has released the demo for Forza Horizon 4 after it went gold a couple of days ago. You can download it now on Xbox but it’ll cost you just under 30GB of space.

The demo gives you a quick taste of all four seasons, as you rip across Britain in a supercar for autumn, a road truck for winter, a rally car in spring, and back to the supercar for the final lap in summer. You’ll also get a chance to mess about with the character customisation and personalised number plate before trying out a couple of sprints in either a Ford, Audi TT, or Dodge – look, I don’t know about cars so don’t blame me for not knowing which kind of Ford it is…

We also found out that when Horizon 4 gets its full release, players will be able to choose between 10 cars from James Bond films, including the Aston Martin DBS from Goldfinger.
Forza Horizon 4 will release on Xbox One on October 2 and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass.