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Hell and welcome back to another weekly Indie News Roundup. Hopefully, you’ve got the gist of what this roundup is all about by now. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to the stories you need to know about from this week.

Hollow Knight Gets a PS4 and Xbox One Release Date

Team Cherry, the lovely folks behind the recent darling Hollow Knight, has had a September 25 release date for Xbox and PS4 nailed down.

Having been released in 2017 for PC and in June 2018 for Switch, the success of the game seems to have pushed Team Cherry into porting it over to the other consoles.

At the moment, both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Hollow Knight will be limited to digital only versions, but the game will come with four expansions included with Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe, Lifeblood, and Godmaster all included with the base game.

PS Plus players will also get a 20% discount if they pre-order the game from September 14.

Insomnia: The Ark Arrives on September 27

A new sci-fi RPG from the tiny team of ten at Studio Mono, Insomnia: The Ark, will drop on to Steam on September 27.

There’s no word yet on what the actual story is about, but Insomnia offers up a gritty noir-style game in a bleak futuristic landscape that’ll have you scavenging for armor and the secrets buried within the places you explore.

Offering up more than 60 hours of gameplay, 12 different endings, and a whole bunch of tactical thought behind your equipment, Insomnia may very well be worth keeping an eye on over the next few weeks. And if you fancy picking it up, it’ll be available for £30/$30 from the developer’s website on September 27.

Made with GameMaker Sale is on this week

Steam’s sale of up to 80% off titles made with their GameMaker software is live until tomorrow.

And yes, there are a few questionable looking games in there, but there’s also a bunch of titles that you have to get your hands on if you haven’t already. The likes of Minit and Undertale are selling for just £3.50, both games throwing up some quirky, off-the-wall single player fin. Whilst Nidhogg, with it’s ‘just one more game’ level of addictiveness is selling for £3.50 and its sequel going for £5.50.



It’s well worth a look if you fancy picking up a few little gems for next to nothing. The GameMaker sale will run until Friday, September 14, so you’ll want to get a wiggle on!

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