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Looking for some adventurous ride in the jungles and underwater with a high risk of life yet never biting the dust? This is just for you. Whether you are a newcomer or a big fan of the Tomb Raider series, Shadow is going to be the best one for all the triple-A action titles.

Even if you like playing games on online casino Lady Luck, we are sure Tomb Raider is one of those games that you do not want to miss out on. So, what’s about the new Tomb Raider game that is raising the eyebrows?

The Top Reasons to Get Hold of the New Tomb Raider Game

Where the game has all the innate features of the previous two versions, some of the main reasons why you should play shadow of the tomb raider are listed here:

  • Lara’s guise

And you wanted Lara to look a little different? Well, this series allows us to personalize Lara’s outfits according to our wishes. Here, Lara can buy and style new costumes. If you are a cool chick, you can customize her semblance with the apt style and stats to be like the coolest character of the triple-A action games.

  • The evolution of tools

“Shadow” includes all the previous tools of Lara with enhanced power. Starting from the elemental tools, “Shadow” gives extra add-ons to them. For example, to manoeuvre most of the game’s coliseum we will be able to use Lara’s iconic climbing axe and the grappling hook, with the upgradations as the climbing boots and a rope ascender.

  • Stealth Combat

This is another stupendous feature of the game. It allows Lara to hide under the mud or behind the trees hiding from her enemies. This feature is the key to the game as when hiding she can kill her enemies with a single button press, thus abstaining herself from a fight.

  • Customizing the difficulty level

This seems the best part to me, where you can customize the difficulty level according to your mettle and fortitude. The easy level includes the path guider in the form of some white paint, the timer has a longer window, and the camps are illuminated.

  • Visual experience

What still has me on my nerves, is the visual journey I experienced through the game. It extends its ability with better graphics for 4K resolution and HDR mode. Comparing it with the ‘reboot’, Shadow adds up much more to it. With the best of 3D experience, it outstands the visual experience.

These are some of the bizarre elements added in the new release Shadow of the Tomb Raider which make this a must-play game.

If you have been a fan of Lara Croft and had been looking to play a Tomb Raider game that actually does justice to the character, you wouldn’t be disappointed with this one. It’s got all that you need for an action game and will make you relive your childhood all over again. Are you ready yet?