Be indie know.

Welcome back to another roundup of the indie news stories from the week so far. This time around we’ve got new moves for studios, new games, and… well, that’s it. But sit back, relax, and catch up with the big news for indie games right here.

Wargaming opens up London Studio

The crazy cats behind free-to-play World of Tanks are finally making the move to the UK. They’ve already set up shop across America, Asia, and a lot of Europe, but it seems that just-outside-of-London was calling.

The new studio, based in Guildford, will play home to the developer’s newest project, the details of which have been fairly scarce, though according to the job listings available, it looks like the project is still in a concept stage, with all the vacancies available being managerial ones.

What we do know though is that the game is going to be an MMO being built with Unreal. The project will see Sean Decker overseeing everything, bring 17 years of experience on games like EVE Online, Mirror’s Edge, and Battlefield with him.

The Latest Call of Cthulhu Trailer is out

Ahead of its release on October 30 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the latest trailer for the grim-looking psycho-thriller, Call of Cthulhu is out and about for you to watch.

The trailer gives us a much better understanding of what’s in store for poor old investigator Edward Pearce as he gets involved with a bunch of cultists, tight-lipped townsfolk, and, y’know, the hellish “Old Ones.”

We got to see how you can play the game, with combat offering an over-the-shoulder perspective similar to the Evil Within 2, though simply running in all guns blazing isn’t always the best approach, according to the trailer. Instead, you’ll have to balance confrontation with the investigation and your understanding of the occult. Along with that, it looks like stealth will play a major role in the game as you try to sneak past both cultists and demons… just a normal Thursday, amirite!?

Call of Cthulhu is out on October 20 for console and PC.

And finally… Perfection is a Horror Game slash personality Quiz

Is there anything more terrifying than understanding yourself? Yes, a maniac with a machete who yells something like ‘I’m going to wear you to brunch!’ is probably a little scarier. But that hasn’t stopped the six-person team of the free-to-play horror game, Perfection, from putting you in the spotlight.

The game sees you walking through a clinic, answering questions about yourself as you look to be made perfect (hence the name). Perfection is free-to-play and can be downloaded from the game’s website. It only runs on Windows but certainly seems worth a look.

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