More details have been promised.

Late on Friday last week, Telltale Games shocked pretty much everyone with a statement informing everyone that the company behind some of the most iconic episodic games around that they would be closing.

Since then, we’ve seen a lot of news and opinions come out about the decision. So, what’s the latest news?

Perhaps the biggest news is the sheer number of those who’ve been left out of a job, with early reports suggesting it was around 225, the number is actually 250 people who were asked to leave Telltale Games. Former employees from Telltale have come forward on Twitter, explaining that the cuts left people without any severance pay or lasting healthcare (one source said that their current policy only lasts for another week), and those employed on a contract basis won’t be eligible to claim unemployment benefits.

Amidst the news surrounding the manner the employees at Telltale left under, some have come forward to highlight the stressful conditions they were working under. Some have claimed that they were put in a position where working overtime was the norm but were never paid for those extra hours, along with “crunch culture” that constantly had workers pushing out releases as quickly as possible.

The original statement said that a “small group of 25 employees” would remain at Telltale to “fulfill the company’s obligations to its board and partners” which led some to believe that fans would get to see the final season of The Walking Dead through to the end. However, USGamer has since reported that the remaining employees will be working on a Minecraft Story project for Netflix. Meaning that The Walking Dead’s final season and games that were under development like The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things have been cancelled.

USGamer has also reported that the company is rumoured to file for bankruptcy, though there’s been no confirmation of that at this time.

The situation at Telltale is still developing, though more details have been promised throughout the week.

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