Indie jungle, the mighty jungle.

Well hello there! Another Thursday rolls around and brings with it another of our roundups of the latest goings-on in the indie world. So, get settled in and take a stroll down the indie avenue.

Absolver gets some free content

Develop SloClap and indie publishing tycoon Devolver Digital announced a new expansion for brawl-em-up Absolver this week, with the “Downfall” expansion set to cost you exactly nothing.

The free expansion introduces the Downfall mode, pitting you against hordes of flunkies as you make your way through the procedurally generated Adalian Mines either going solo or playing with a friend.

But that’s not all friends, not by a long shot! Because Downfall also introduces a new fighting style in Faejin. The stylish martial art will have you unloading combos in a fluid motion that… I dunno, mimics the movement of water? Whatever the case, it looks pretty rad.

But if learning a new combat style isn’t what you’re after then don’t freak out, because the introduction of School Challenges delivers exactly what you need. The challenges task you with using the varios skills in a combat style to complete one-on-one trials. School Challenges will be available for all combat styles once you’ve reached the Discipline level of that particular school/

If all this sounds like a wonderful way to spend your game-playing time, but you haven’t actually played Absolver yet, you can pick the game up for half-price until next week on the PS Store and on Steam.

IndieCade 2018 nominees announced

Ahead of the 11th annual IndieCade awards – which has been described as the “Sundance of the games industry”, this year’s nominees have been announced.

But it’s not just run-of-the-mill games that are included, IndieCade also includes any other “immersive experience” with escape rooms, VR ventures, and more all included. That’s why you might find yourself looking at the list and not knowing half the things on there. But there are some familiar names in the list, with Forgotten Anne up for an award along with Pixel Ripped 1989.

The IndieCade awards will be held in Santa Monica on October 12-13.

And Finally… Ark will be getting official PvP servers

Studio Wildcard confirmed that their open-world sci-fi survival game Ark: Survival Evolved will be getting official PvP servers for PS4 and Xbox One in the near future, with Steam players getting the new servers on September 28.

Being called the “Conquest Servers” players will benefit from 100-player capacity worlds, with tribes maxing out at 25 people per tribe. There’s also going to be double experience for taming and gathering, with that experience giving you an assist in dealing with those pesky tribes that try to murder you… good times.

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