Horror and personality quizzes combine.

Do horror and personality quizzes go hand-in-hand? Well, we’re here to find out in Perfection, a game created by just six people. Join John for a stroll through the Perfection clinic as he tries to make himself perfect through… science? Complete with catchy jingles, catchy music, spooky doors, and turd monsters, we’re sure John will come out of the clinic all the better for it.

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Perfection is a game created by six people:

  • Yasmin Curren – game designer and developer
  • Tiffany Derbyshire – environmental artist
  • Tabitha Beresford-Owen – character artist
  • @MerrellFacets – character artist
  • Jaime Aldous – music producer

You can play the game now for free on the Perfection website.