Matt Berry is the toast of the high seas.

The Sea of Thieves is getting a shiny new pirate update in the form of the ‘Forsaken Shore’ and to help translate pages of patch notes into eargasmic ear-honey, Rare conscripted the ‘toast of London’, Mr Matt Berry, to wax lyrical the upcoming content drops for the new expac.

Check out the video and relax with the soothing sounds of Matts’ voice as he updates us all with every detail including “High L.O.D.”.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores will feature a new volcanic region called The Devil’s Roar. This area of the Sea of Thieves will have players encountering volcanic eruptions raining down hot rocks and flowing lava, terrifying earthquakes, unpredictable geysers that can fling players into the air and dangerous super-heated water around islands. Also new to Forsaken Shores is the Row Boat, which will be key to assisting the navigation of this dangerous new region.