Riddikulus … or maybe not?

Story Updated (October 2, 13:20): Reports are now suggesting that it’s Avalanche Software behind the upcoming Harry Potter game.

Update Two (16:51): The video has now been removed but BBC confirms the footage is real and the game will possibly be called Harry Potter Magic Awakened (via Videogamer)

Original Story

A leaked trailer posted on Reddit shows what appears to be a trailer for an open-world Harry Potter RPG. We’ll say straight from the off that there’s no official word on such a game as of yet but the footage and details do look like they could be the genuine article. The video was removed several hours after being posted, but BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba claimed the footage was for realsies and that the title for the RPG might be Harry Potter Magic Awakened while other names are being kicked around.

The footage was originally uploaded to Reddit by electronic cigarette enthusiast, VapeThisBro, the video was taken from a trailer shown to a focus group in America, along with a small number of details about what the game offers.

The big news is that the game is apparently set in the 1800’s, and separate from the books and surrounding adaptations we’ve seen so far. You’ll play as a fifth-year student whose appearance at Hogwarts sparks some strange and possibly magical (get it!?) things in the Forbidden Forest.

Being independent from the novels means that we’d get a chance to play out a wholly original story, the details of which are fairly sparse at the moment, but the game’s description says that you’ll be joining up with a Professor Elezar Fig and going off to familiar and entirely new locations to figure out what’s happening.

The game also – annoyingly – lets you choose which house you’d belong to at Hogwarts, though it does suggest you can choose to become a good or evil wizard. The details also suggest that its combat mechanics as carrying “countless possibilities,” as you learn new spells, create potions, and fight against all manner of magical creatures.

Like we said at the start, there’s no official word on this game yet, but rumours of Rocksteady and Avalanche Software being behind the game have already surfaced and the footage we’ve seen is surely too good to be a hoax… we hope.

How about you? Would you want to play an open-world Harry Potter game? That’s a stupid question, of course you would! But tell us in the comments anyway.