Yes, it is exactly what you think it is; this was bound to happen sooner or later.

Quirky publisher Devolver Digital with be bringing Vile Monarch’s new weed based tycoon game to PC sometime next year. Dubbed Weedcraft Inc will explore the business of producing, breeding and selling weed in America all the while diving into the financial, political and cultural aspects of the country’s complex relationship with this promising plant.

As with any weed plantation, players will need to carefully manage resources in order to produce and distribute their weed. Cultivating killer plants, cross-breeding strains for unique results, hire and manage staff are some of the challenges players will be tasked to overcoming. Don’t expect it to be a walk in the part as cops and politicians will be watching you while you decide when you want to make a risky move for a maximum profit.

To fully represent the controversial topic that is weed in an insightful way, the game will offer players a bevvy of diverse scenarios and unique characters to with/around in order to make your empire grow. You’ll be able to bribe the police, fight for medicinal weed or work through the legal system.