Be the quiet type.

The Quiet Man – the game that received the “wait, what?” award of E3 this year, is set to arrive for the PS4 and PC on November 1.

Set during a single night, the game sends you out as the deaf hero, Dane, to punch and kick your way to saving a kidnapped singer named… Lala, from the clutches of a masked man – funnily enough, that’s also how my parents met.

Offering up a mixture of full motion video and conventional gameplay, The Quiet Man has all the gimmicks of the classic FMV games, offering up: cheap stereotypes, whimsically melodramatic villains, a hero with a terrible haircut, and bad dialogue.

Seeing as the game is designed to be completed in a single sitting, the £12/€15 price isn’t too bad at all. And both PS4 and Steam players who pick up the game between November 1-15 will get a handful of extra goodies. PS4 players will receive a new theme, and eight avatars, while Steam players will get seven desktop and mobile backgrounds to use. And finally, buying the game in this period will nab you 10% off.

The Quiet Man will release on PS4 and PC on November 1, will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments!