Tracer stars in the teaser.

Since announcing that Overwatch would be getting inducted into the LEGO family, both Blizzard and LEGO went a little quiet on the matter. But we’ve now got our first look at the next set of blocky heroes, with Tracer starring in the first teaser.

Tracer is the first hero confirmed for the LEGO lineup of characters, though a previous tweet from Blizzard suggested we’d also see the likes of McRee, Mercy, and Soldier 76 introduced into the lineup. If we’re being realistic, it’s highly probably that’ll we’ll see all of the characters get the LEGO treatment, Blizzards has rarely avoided an opportunity to make money – and the LEGO franchise is guaranteed to do just that.

There’s no word yet as to when we’ll see the Overwatch LEGO released, though their product page suggests it’ll be in 2019.