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Ah, another week, another weekly news roundup. Now, you’d think we were going to talk all about the new Harry Potter game, but we’ve covered that quite a bit already. Instead, we’re focusing on what’s going on with Blizzard, some possible changes for the PlayStations, and a few other bits and pieces. So, get yourself that cup of tea, a bite to eat, and get caught up with the big stories of the week.

You might be able to change your PSN Name soon

You’ll be able to change your PSN ID soon if reports from Kotaku are to be believed. Apparently, Sony devs have told the outlet that the feature is all but done and could be rolling out in the near future.

With PSN having been introduced all the way back in 2006, a lot of you may very well be stuck with names that don’t quite sit well with you anymore, we’re looking at you $nyper_Elit3_95. So, the chance to change that up should hopefully be some shed of light at the end of a very dark tunnel, especially when Xbox players have been able to change their names for quite some time.

And while devs are reportedly confident of the feature working properly, it might not work for older multiplayer titles – an educated guess would be PS3 games – because of how Sony’s PSN IDs used to work.

There hasn’t been any word from Sony yet, and reports haven’t detailed any specific date for the feature being released as of yet, but the change does appear to be close at hand.

Telltale has laid off more people

The skeleton crew that was supposed to have been left behind at Telltale to complete a handful of projects have also been let go of. A former narrative designer at the company, Rachel Noel, wrote on Twitter that a number of the skeleton crew “just got laid off, too.”

According to Noel, the remaining team who’d been working on The Walking Dead were those that had been made to leave, with the rest of the people left at Telltale working to finish off the Minecraft story for Netflix.

The news comes after Kotaku reported that Telltale were looking to have a third party company employ the staff Telltale had laid off in order to wrap up the final two episodes of The Walking Dead. Apparently, both the third and fourth episodes were almost finished, with the final episode only having to be polished off.

Blizzard’s CEO steps down

Mike Morhaime, the long-serving CEO of Blizzard is stepping down after 27 years. Morhaime has been with the company since its creation back in 1991, leaving the role of commander-in-chief to take up an advisory role as J. Allen Brack – former senior vice president for World of Warcraft – will step into Morhaim’s shoes.

In a statement Morhaime released, he said that “I truly believe that this amazing community has the potential to be a shining light to the rest of the industry by setting a positive example of inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance toward others. In the words of one of Blizzard’s core values: remember to always play nice; play fair.”

It’s unclear how active Morhaime will be in his new role or whether we’ll see any significant changes under Brack but the future but it’s safe to assume that it’ll be business as usual for the foreseeable future.

And finally… Nintendo has patented a pretty strange thing

Nintendo has spent quite a bit of time patenting images lately, but this time around the company has put a patent on a design, reports Eurogamer.

The design itself seems to be a cover for a mobile phone that’s designed like a Game Boy. Though it’s far more than a mere accessory, with the case designed with a D-Pad and buttons that react to the touch-sensitive screen of a phone. The screen of the phone, according to the design, appears to show only a Game Boy size version of the game, though the case does open up suggesting you’ll be able to play using the full-screen size as well.

The design does raise the question of how soon we’ll see the case available to buy, and when we’ll see the introduction of Nintendo games on mobile phones. We can’t be sire for now, bt the designs do look fairly comprehensive, so it might not be too long a wait.

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