Announced at RuneFest.

This year’s RuneFest saw the biggest attendance to date, and Jagex followed it up by announcing a new Halloween event as well as the RuneScape Mobile Member’s beta, both launching today.

The RuneScape Mobile Member’s limited beta has now launched. While it seems that sign-ups are closed (I couldn’t find any way of signing up) it does mark the next step in bringing the game to both iOS and Android. Like the Old School RuneScape for mobile – slated for release on October 30 – the game will integrate fully with PC platforms, allowing you to continue where you left off, wherever you are.

The Halloween event, ‘Till Death Do Us Part,’ has also launched today. It’s the first new world event since 2016 and is available throughout October. The event sees players join forces with the Four Riders of the Apocalypse to close the rift that is pouring enemies into Gielinor. Successful players will gain time-limited access to a warped chamber filled with rare treasure.

Additionally, Jagex has revealed that fan-voted content will be coming to RuneScape, this winter. The new content includes a new boss, as well as the Mining and Smithing rework, the investigative adventure ‘Needle Skips,’ and the final part of the Elite Dungeons trilogy.

Finally, Old School RuneScape hasn’t been left out though; Jagex has confirmed key content soon to be polled to players, including the elven city of Prifddinas, originally launched in 2014. Players will also be polled on an expansion of the continent of Zeah, which would uncover the lands to the west in 2019 with the release of the Kebos Lowlands.

You can check out more on the official site.