Variety is the spice of life.

With Red Dead Redemption 2’s October 26 release creeping ever closer, Rockstar has given us a few details about the tools of the trade at Arthur’s disposal in the game. And with customisation available for every gun in the game, it seems like getting your equipment ready for a heist might take up just as much time as all the other distractions the Wild West has to offer.

Along with the everyday “Cattleman Pistole” the mail order gun merchants, Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. are advertising the hard-hitting Volcanic Pistol, apparently perfect for settling feuds quickly. And fans of the first Red Dead Redemption will be happy to hear that the Lichfield Repeater, sawn-off shotgun, and the ever-reliable Springfield Rifle will be making a return.

You’ll be able to modify the look and feel of your guns too, with upgrades letting you improve accuracy, the rate of fire, and design of most weapons which should come in handy when it comes to making Morgan stand out from all those bloody posers.

And of course, Dead Eye returns for Red Dead 2, with the feature evolving as you progress in the game, ultimately allowing you to identify weak spots on your target. Though the mechanic will be all too familiar in the early stages of the game, as you’ll learn to slow down time and manually aim at your targets.

Meanwhile, Rockstar’s founder, Dan Houser, hasn’t ruled out another Red Dead game. In an interview with Vulture, he said a potential Red Dead Redemption3 would rest on whether “this one [RDR2] does well enough and we think we have other interesting things to say” then another game could be in line.