Work together to kill your enemies… and win prizes.

With an all-new game mode in Slipgate arriving in Quake Champions, Bethesda are celebrating by throwing the Slipgate Festival offering prizes and goodies for those of you who take part in the new, portal-based game mode from now until the end of October.

Slipgate will have players split into two teams as they each attack and defend their respective areas. The twist is that every player will respawn with maxed out health and all weapons, meaning you’ll probably be dealing with a fair amount of rockets flying around the arena.

The prizes that are up for grabs during the festival are dependant on how many matches of Slipgate are played; 100,000 matches will unlock the Quake 4 heavy machine gun, 500,000 will unlock the lore skin for Scalebearer, and one million matches will unlock the new playable champion – Athena – for all players (or her lore outfit for those who will already unlock her).

Athena offers a faster champion similar to Nyx, coming in with a 320 speed, her active ability to grapple hook to the environment or other players means that she’s be able to cover ground a lot faster than the tanks in the game. You’ll also be able to change direction whilst grappling, meaning you can create a huge amount of momentum similar to the grappling hook ability in Titanfall 2.

But the Slipgate mode and Athena aren’t the only new additions to the game. Updates to the Arcade mode introduce the… Swinger Party mode… okay. The new match type is similar to Insta-gib, but all players are Athena and all hits with a grappling hook are insta-kills.

The Slipgate Festival is live in Quake Champions until October 31, and don’t forget, the game went free to play earlier this year, so it’s well worth a look.