Find out what’s in store.

The popular voice and text chat program, Discord has launched a new game store, offering up a number of PC titles, all in one place.

Bad North is the first game I got to review on the platform and is one of the new titles to come to the Store as part of First on Discord, a program that sees indie games launch with temporary exclusivity. I’m pleased to report that, other than picking an installation directory (you can change the default location easily in your user settings), I wouldn’t have noticed Discord at all. I tend to have the app open most of the time anyway, so for me, there was literally no difference.

The storefront itself is sleek and easy to navigate with all the features you’d expect. You’ll get handy info such as the release date and Metacritic score when you hover over each game, and the search function allows you to remove items that you’ve already purchased from the search results – an excellent idea if you don’t want to be constantly reminded of the magnitude of your backlog.

You can also add games to the launcher that you already have installed, giving you quick access to your favourite games.

Along with the store comes Nitro, a pay-monthly subscription that will give you unlimited access to a growing number of curated games, as well as a number of chat perks including a custom Discord tag, a higher upload limit for files and images, and global custom emojis.

You can sign up on Discord as well as download the app here.