Ubisoft has released another update for their fighter For Honor. Dubbed Marching Fire, this newest update brings a new PVP mode called Breach, New Wu Lin heroes, additional PvE content and a substantial graphical upgrade with updated textures, improved global illumination, and new sky/cloud technology.

Marching Fire is sort of a relaunch of the 2017 action game from Ubisoft for both newcomers and veterans of the game. First off there’s the brand new Wu Lin clan which includes four classes: Shaolin, Tiandi, Jiang Jun and Nuxia.

There’s also a new PVP mode called Breach is strategic, team-based multiplayer mode where players go head-to-head by either protecting or storming a well-fortified castle. In order to help their defenses, each castle are equipped with ballistas, fire cauldrons, and archers. Players who are attacking need to first breach the castle thanks to a battering ram. This mode also comes with three new maps.

Finally, there’s also a new Arcade mode where players can either play solo or with friends. Rewards earn in Arcade mode carry over to every multiplayer modes. Battles from this new mode feature varying objectives, enemies, and modifiers.