Indie news today.

Hello and welcome back to another weekly update of indie news stories! This week, we’re talking about halloween updates, games leaving Xbox’s Game Pass, and Valve being in the crosshairs of Brazil. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the stories.

Sky Force Anniversary is leaving Xbox Game Pass

Sky Force Anniversary, a retro side-scrolling shooter by Infinite Dreams, is set to leave the Xbox Game Pass collection at the end of October.

If you’ve been looking for a game to sit back and get angry with, then the beautiful design of Sky Force, mixed with its unforgiving gameplay might be the just what the doctor ordered. But you’ll have to be quick if you want to give it a try, with the game leaving Game Pass along with Resident Evil, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Mega Man 9, and World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap.

There’s no word yet as to which games will be arriving on Game Pass in November but check back for more news soon.

Battlerite Royale’s Halloween Update is underway

Top-down Battlerite royale has started Halloween a bit early this year, and the arena is full of ghoulish surprises for players. The Curse of the Night update introduces new outfits, weapons, poses, and mounts – all of which have a very scary design I’m sure. Each item can be bought with tokens or diamonds, meaning you’ll either be playing for a fair amount of time or parting with more real money to get your mitts on them.

The update will also see silver chests swapped out for Spooky Chests, which you’ll earn as you level up and reward you with a random halloween themed prize. Creepy Chests will also be earned by completing weekly events. And that’s not all, because the update will also see new shrines randomly appearing in the arena. Activating these shrines will get you a random status effect, some good, some bad, which is why they’ve been dubbed the Trick or Treat Shrines.

We’ll also be seeing a new champion in Ruh Kaan. Old Ruh is a crypt keeper and seems to be fairly handy with a blade and a scythe, as he can do a crazy swing of his scythe and deal damage to anyone around him. There are also updates to the other heroes in the roster as well as changes to gameplay and lobbies. For a full list of changes, take a look at finer points in their patch notes.

And finally… Brazil’s government are pretty pissed off with Valve

A 2d brawler on Steam has drawn the attention of Brazil’s government. The game in question, Bolosmito 2K18 has you playing as political candidate Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right candidate for Brazil’s Social Liberation Party. You spend the game beating up members of the public, specifically LGBT and left-wing people, as you work to overthrow the communist leadership.

The game, developed by BS Studios, has irked the government because it’s being touted as a work that could play a role in the country’s upcoming elections. The document released by the Public Ministry, states that the game “clearly intends to harm [the] Presidency of the Republic and thereby embarrass the 2018 elections” (via Indie Games Website) and goes on to address the content of the game, emphasising that the “Federal Constitution affirms that all are equal before the law and that the practice of racism constitutes an inviolable and imprescriptible crime” and is not a representation of the beliefe supported by those depicted in the game.

The document goes on to ask Valve to remove the game, something that at the time of this article hasn’t happened, with the game still available to buy for £4. The developers behind the game, BS Studios, have been quiet since releasing the game on October 6, with no patch update notes, dev blogs, or any social media to speak of. If the game was removed, it’d be the latest in an ever-growing list of “troll games” removed by Valve – most of which seem to be sex or political games.