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Community Q: What do gaming magazines mean to you?

Today we got that sad news that both Game Master and GamesTM would be closing their doors. Thankfully, those who worked there full-time are being relocated to other magazines in the Future Publishing sphere, where they also have the Official PlayStation and Xbox magazines, as well as Retro Gamer, PC Gamer, Edge and MCV. Regardless though, both magazines were continuously brilliant and epitomised the creativity and hard work of so many talented people in the games industry. And so, we want to know just what all those magazines meant to you; was there a time when you relied on the monthly magazines for your gaming news? Was there an article that’s stuck with you? Or maybe there’s something else? Either way, let’s celebrate all the years of work put into those – and many other – great magazines that we’ve had to reluctantly say goodbye to. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @ggsgamer.

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