Is it a bit of a gamble?

Those of you who opted for Battlefield V instead of Black Ops’ battle royale mode are in for a bit of a wait after EA confirmed that the mode won’t be available until March 2019.

Firestorm, which will arrive as part of the Trials by Fire chapter of the game, looks set to follow the conventions of the game mode with a shrinking map, though promises to mix it with those quintessential Battlefield moments as it introduces “power vehicles” and – hopefully – destructible environments into the mix.

Source: EA

DICE aren’t actually behind the development of Firestorm, instead delegating it to Burnout developers Criteron Games, so why EA has opted for such a late release for the battle royale mode is a bit of a mystery.

Either way, the roadmap for Battlefield V looks set to keep players busy for as long as possible until Firestorm drops next year, with the games War Stories and regular multiplayer modes being joined by the Overture expansion a few weeks after the game’s release in December. The second chapter: Lightning Strikes arrives in between January and March 2019 before the release of Trials by Fire.

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