From India to New Zealand.

Warner Bros and IO Interactive have released a new trailer for Hitman 2, giving us a glimpse at the many locations we can expect to visit when the game releases next month.

Titled “Untouchable,” the trailer (above) gives us a closer look at what makes Agent 47 tick, as well as showcases various destinations that Hitman 2 will take us. We already knew about the jungles of Colombia but the new video gives us a look at Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Vermont, and the Isle of Sgail.

IO’s official site gives a more detailed description of each location – we’ve included the new ones below:

  • Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand: Your mission brings you to the moonlit beaches and roaring waves off the coast of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Enjoy a moonlit stroll and retire for the evening on the deck of a highly secured luxury beach house.
  • Mumbai, India: Nicknamed ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai is a treat for any visiting traveler or agent on a mission. Lose yourself in the crowds of the city’s famous slums or admire Bollywood movie locations from afar; Mumbai will not disappoint with its colorful life and countless hidden secrets.
  • Whittleton Creek, USA: Welcome to picture perfect Whittleton Creek, USA – the quintessential American suburb. Experience wide roads flanked by yellowing maple trees, carefully groomed front yards and beautiful houses inhabited by neighborly people enjoying a quiet Saturday.
  • Isle of Sgàil, North Atlantic: The Isle of Sgàil in the North Atlantic, is one of the most secretive places in the world…
  • Hitman 2 is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13, 2018.