Indie-spensible news.

Hello and welcome to another weekly roundup of the need to know indie news. Of course, pretty much all the chatter this week has been firmly on Rockstar releasing the ridiculously good looking Red Dead Redemption 2 tomorrow. But in the meantime, sit back, relax, and get up to date with the smaller stories of the week.

The Hex is the new game from Pony Island Developer

Daniel Mullins, the one-man developer behind the literal hack ’em up Pony Island, has become a bit of a cult figure. So, when his new game – The Hex – dropped last week, it got a fair bit of attention but it’s worth making sure you know what the game is as well!

The Hex plays out as a detective game, where you try to figure out who a murderer is. But each guest in the Six Pint in is a video game character, all of who are trying to forget their past – enter you to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You spend the game exploring the memories of each character, all of which play out as different genres. So, you might be playing a fighting game one minute and then partaking in some platforming the next. Add to that an adorable design that echoes The Sexy Brutale, and the promise that genres in the game even blend together, and The Hex looks like it’ll be another cult hit from Mullins.

You can pick The Hex up on Steam for just over £7 while the game and soundtrack bundle is going for 25% off at the moment.

Lucid Dream Devs are doing the Twitch rounds

Lucid Dream is a title from Dali Games that looks absolutely mental. The gameplay from the trailer suggests the game is predominantly a point and click adventure, but the real draw is the game’s surreal design. Taking you on a trippy journey that features giant eyeballs, cog wheel flowers, and – my personal favourite – a moon with a satellite in its eye, Lucid Dream looks set to offer a fairly memorable experience.

And to help you understand what the hell is going on, the dev team behind the game have promised to visit the different Twitch channel streaming Lucid Dream on Friday, October 26 between 8 pm and 2 am to answer questions, reveal a few secrets, and give away some codes for the game. So, if you happen along the game tomorrow night make sure you say hi to the team!

Stardew Valley Arrives on iOS

You know that feeling, when your farm is doing pretty well and you don’t want to leave your computer – then before you know it, several days have passed and people are banging at your door because they think you’re dead? Well, that problem just got a little bit smaller because farming sim and adventure game Stardew Valley is now available on mobile.

The mobile port of the game is near identical to the console and PC version, the only drawback being the mobile version doesn’t offer multiplayer functionality, so no sitting in silence while you and a friend mindlessly tap your phone in a coffee shop.

You can pick up the mobile version for £8/$8 on iTunes or the App Store now. There’s no word as to whether we’ll see an Android port of the game in the future, but for the moment, it seems that Stardew Valley is hitting the same omnipresent state of Skyrim – awesome.

And Finally… Devolver Digital just can’t help themselves

You might remember a while back Devolver Digital, publishers behind Sum and the upcoming WeedCraft Inc, offered to publish Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC – an offer they’re still waiting to hear back about.

But today, Devolver kicked off their working day in a small tribute on Twitter:

There’s no actual word as to whether Devolver Digital is going to give their whole staff the day off or whether this is just another joke, but one this is for sure – whoever is in charge of Devolver Digital’s social is quickly becoming a living, unknown legend.

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