Milestone has released a new trailer for their upcoming racing title Ride 3. The newest video spotlights the game’s endless customisation possible through the Livery Editor which allows players to create their own two-wheel racing vehicle. From parts to the bikes’ behaviour on track, players can now create the motorcycle of their dreams.

The Livery Editor will include features a bevvy of official manufactures and aftermarket stickers alongside the possibility to draw any types of images on their bikes; so this could be both a blessing and a curse. Every design can be shared online and navigate through the filters system.

Furthermore, the developer also shed light on the game’s various special editions. At retail, players will be able to grab a Special edition which includes the game, Season pass and an exclusive Ducati Panigale V4 Steelbook. While those who prefer digitally will have two options:

  • Standard edition which includes the game and the Sport Bikes Pack
  • The Gold Edition which includes the Season pass, Sport Bikes Pack (4 bikes, 10 events and 3 trophies/achievements), BMW R 1200 GS Pack (includes the bike and 5 events and 3 trophies/achievements) and the Credits Multiplier that doubles credits earned after events in any game mode)

The summarize the game’s Season pass, it will include 12 Premium DLCs, with 120 additional events, 36 trophies/achievements and 60 bikes, including the exclusive Mr. Martini Supercustom and iconic models of the different manufacturers included in the game. Post-launch, Milestone intends on releasing 12 free DLCs with 12 bikes and 60 additional events.

Ride 3 races to stores on November 30th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.