Looking to expel those pesky Old Ones are ya? Or maybe – just maybe, you’re looking for some tips about how to get past a certain part of the game. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with tips for getting past the trickiest bits of Cyanide Studio’s Call of Cthulhu. So, have a look and get the help you need.

Also, beware spooky spoilers for the game!

Chapter 3 – Finding the secret passage in the Hawkins Mansion

There are three ways to open the secret passage in the Hawkins’ study:

1. When you are in the piano room, go upstairs and turn right then follow the path all the way down to the door that can’t be opened. You’ll see a crowbar to the right of the door. If you have the crowbar when you’re in the study, you can force the passage open by sliding a panel open on the left-hand wall of the bookcase and using the crowbar on the gears.
2. If you have enough strength points, you can use your bare hands to force the passage open, you manly man you.
3. And finally, you can solve the puzzle like the game wants you to do. You can find a piece of paper with some interesting co-ordinates to help you figure out the answer otherwise all you have to do is (SPOILERS) adjust the globe so the coordinates read west 33 and north 75 – or line up the globe so the crosshair is on the North Atlantic compass sigil on the globe.

Chapter 5 – Escaping the Riverside Institution

There are two ways to create the diversion you need. You can either focus on overloading the electricity or forcing too much pressure into the pipes.

However, both routes will require you to have two keys. You can find the keys in the admin office. Sneak into the room by going through the open door on the right corridor (as you enter the main room). There are two guards patrolling in there, so wait until the guard nearest you move down the other end of the room. You need to move towards the cooking pots and go left when you enter the room, pick up both keys on the counter by the window and then use the keys to unlock the door so you can exit.

The Pipes

To create a diversion using the pipes, you’ll need to collect one cogwheel which you can find in one of three locations.


  • You can find one cogwheel in the circular office in the main room of the institute, opposite the admin office.
  • You can find another cogwheel in the supply room that has no lights switched on. You’ll find the wheel hidden behind a table on the left side of the room
  • The final location of a wheel is in the far end of the admin office. The room will be guarded by an officer unless you get a patient to help you create a diversion, but the wheel can be found on a chair in the office.


Once you have a wheel, go back to the main room and go through the open door on the left side of the room. In there, you’ll see two wheels already attached and one pipe valve that needs a wheel, attach your wheel and turn it, then turn on any other valves that are switched off.

Leave the room and go to the left, where you’ll find a green door. Unlock the door and move towards the wall grate in front of you. You’ll suffer a panic attack when you go through but nothing will actually happen. Continue through and come out the other side where you’ll be able to turn the last wheel and switch on the power. Once you activated the lever, go back through the vent and you’ll be able to leave the basement.

The Lever Route

The other option will have you activating four different levers in the laboratory. You can find the lab on the right side of the main room (there’s an unsettling blood trail that leads there). You’ll see the console at the front of the room. The easiest thing to do is switch all the levers on before you leave, so you don’t have to come back and do it afterwards.


  • The first lever is found to the right of the console in the lab.
  • Next, follow the red and yellow wires out of the far end of the lab. Turn right at the exit and you’ll see another switch. A guard does patrol past the switch so check both corridors to make sure he’s not close before activating it.


The red wire will lead you to the morgue which is guarded by an officer. You’ll need to go down the hallway to the right and find a patient who offers to create a diversion if you get him sleeping pills from the supply room. It’s not too tricky. Just head over to the Admin room, continue down the hallway and you’ll see the supply room to the right. A guard comes into patrol the supply room but if you hide on the right side of the shelves in the supply room, you can follow him around the room and pick the pills up on the shelves at the back of the room and leave without being spotted.


Once you’ve given the patient his pills, you can get into the morgue and you’ll find the lever at the back of the room to the right.


  • The final lever is the green wire. This lever can be found behind the locked green door in the main room. Simply get the keys from the Admin office, and activate the lever, this will draw the guards to the lab and allow you to leave the room


Chapter 6 – Beating the Shambler

This is the cabinet you’re looking for

When you enter the Sanders’ gallery, have a look around the room before you activate the painting. You’ll see a room with some glowing runes on one wall, the cabinet under the runes holds the knife you’ll need to beat The Shambler.

Once you interact with the painting and watched the cutscene, move right, stay crouched and move behind the sphinxes. You’ll come to a room with a wardrobe. Smash one of the cabinets but don’t take the knife, run to the wardrobe and hide there until the monster comes in and then leaves. You should then be able to take the exit to the left, cross the hallway to the glowing rune, smash the cabinet and grab the knife, then run to the painting, interact with it, and you’re done!

Chapter 7 – Solving Algernon Drake’s Puzzle

After you’ve finished the reconstruction in Drake’s shop, you can find some audio reels hidden behind a blackboard on the shop floor. Each reel has a different clue.

  • The first reel refers to the “red raindrops on a goblet”. You’ll need to find a goblet in the shop and count how many red gems are on it.
  • The second reel refers to a chess game, you’ll need to count the pieces of a certain colour. Remember, you’re being asked to count the pieces that are “protecting the queen”
  • The final reel refers to a set of book, and a particular volume is mentioned. Remember, the volumes, which are found just outside the room with the safe, are labelled with Roman numerals.

(SPOILER) If you don’t want to solve the puzzle, the safe code is 539

Chapter 10 – Finding the Ritual Spots

Finding the ritual spots isn’t too bad but can be a bit tricky.


  • The first ritual spot can be found if you follow the wooden steps, go up two sets of steps and you’ll see the first rune on the floor. Once you activate it, run back the way you came and stand in the protective circle.
  • Assuming you are staring at Drake, the second ritual spot can be found if you move right, go up the stone step, then turn left, you should see a metal sheet, move that and the monster will appear. Run back the way you can and wait for it to bugger off.


Now go back to that spot, once you remove the rune you can begin coming back the way you came, but the monster will jump out from a wall, use the right trigger button to bind the monster, turn around and run away. You can follow the path down and back to the protective circle.


  • Assuming you are staring at Drake, the third ritual spot can be found if you move left and go up the stone steps. Once you begin expelling the final spot the monster will show up early, begin binding it as soon as it appears. Turn around and run, take the steps to the right, turn around and bind the monster again if you can. You should be able to run back to the barrier now – but don’t stop running!


Once you get to the circle, stand to the left side of Drake and wait for the monster to enter the circle then begin binding it again. Once Drake begins the ritual, go to the painting and interact with it – and you’re all done!