Ahead of December’s launch.

Daybreak Games has revealed that The Burning Lands, the 25th expansion for long-running MMORPG, EverQuest is now available for pre-order – which includes closed beta access – ahead of its release on December 11.

There are three editions available to pre-order; Standard Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Premium Edition, each with a varying number of in-game items or consumables – you can check out the details here. However, beta access is included, regardless of which edition you opt for and there’s ten per cent off the expansion price for All Access members.

According to the EverQuest website, the closed beta went live yesterday and will continue until “sometime in December.” There’s also mention that the download is fairly hefty, so don’t expect to jump straight in unless you’ve got a lightning fast connection.

The Burning Lands expansion will see the addition of new lore, six new zones with new quests and Raids, and lastly, the addition of the Luck stat, which will randomly affect things like the amount of gold you receive, critical damage, and your success with trade-skills.

If you’re tempted but have never ventured into the world of Norrath, EverQuest’s base game is free-to-play, along with its first 18 expansions – more than enough content for a would-be-adventurer to get a feel for the game and decide if they want to part with hard cash for subsequent expansions.

EverQuest: The Burning Lands is set for release on PC on December 11.