A new trailer shows off Battlefield 5 maps, which one is your favourite?

Battlefield V developers DICE has released a deep dive trailer featuring the 8 new maps available for Battlefield V multiplayer at launch on November 20.

The maps look incredible, with amazing detail and awe-inducing environmental destruction. These maps are looking to take us all around the world to do battle in some of the iconic World War 2 locations that historic conflicts took place.

Featuring the snowy elevations of Norway, to the desert heat of North Africa, with infantry skirmishes taking place in war-torn Rotterdam, and tank battles in the midst of the French countryside.

The details for each map are listed below:


  • Narvik – Inspired by the invasion of Narvik in 1940, this map features a port and industrial area that must be controlled. Close quarters combat, with some space for vehicles in the industrial zone.
  • Fjell 652 – Battle atop a mountain as planes and infantry collide. Featuring dynamic weather changes, this map looks beautiful and treacherous.
  • Holland

  • Rotterdam – Urban combat focused map, with narrow roads and plenty of buildings to snipe from.
  • Devastation – An Infantry focused map, with the tight and close battles taking place in a ruined cityscape.
  • France

  • Twisted Steel – A giant collapsed steel bridge dominates the landscape as battles take place on and around the mangled steel structure.
  • Arras – A smaller map with a central town featuring a church tower ideal for sniping, surrounded by countryside potted with trenches.
  • North Africa

  • Hamada – The largest map available at launch, featuring massive tank skirmishes. A desert map featuring steep canyons and narrow bridges.
  • Aerodrome – Set in a ruined Axis airfield, this map focuses around a central hanger that has strategic importance for the control of the area.
  • Belgium

  • Panzerstorm (Post-Launch) – Set in the Belgium countryside, Panzerstorm will be releasing with the “Tides of War: Chapter 1” update and features massive tank battles with infantry having to pick carefully when to engage.

Battlefield V will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC from November 20.