Epic fail, bro.

Ubisoft has had to delay the epic mercenary events in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for the second time after the event didn’t activate for the majority of players.

It’s the second time that the event left players waiting around for Damais the Indifferent and Ubisoft said in an update that, “ It wasn’t satisfactory to have an event available to only a portion of our players, so we decided to temporarily remove the Epic Mercenary Events from the game altogether until the issue is resolved. We are working on a fix and are hoping to introduce them later this month. We will provide an updated ETA as soon as possible.”

While we wait for Damais to eventually show up, players have had a chance to take part in the epic ship events though some players have seen similar bugs appearing in these timed quests as well but Ubisost hasn’t given any comment on these issues yet.

It hasn’t been an easy start for Odyssey’s online… odyssey, but the game itself has received a fair amount of critical acclaim and there seems to be a fair amount of quests to keep players busy until the issues with the events are sorted out.

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