It’s getting hot in here.

The latest patch for MMO ’em up Final Fantasy 14 is live right now with the tantalisingly named 4.45 patch. The update sees some interesting new features for characters thrown into the game, gameplay fixes, and a whole new Forbidden Land – which are of course the best kinds of land.


The big news for the patch is, of course, the new environment, with the flaming Pyros. Screenshots of the new city certainly highlight the lava-heavy decor, with Pyros seemingly broken up into small paths and islands because of all the lava. Don’t worry though, because while it might not be a bustling city full of friendly folk, monsters have managed to adapt to the setting, meaning you and your guild chums are sure to find a fair few brawls in there.

But terrifying fire monsters aren’t the only things that Pyros offers. The new patch also introduces “Logos Actions” a feature exclusively available to players in Pyros that allows players to learn techniques that aren’t affiliated with their character types. So, the actions mean that a Black Mage can help out as a healer in a fight. The dev blog for the update boasts that the new Logos Actions have a nearly endless number of possibilities for players to try out.

Though, getting the materials you need to use these actions do seem a little tricky, with players having to get their hands on specific crystals – which we’re guessing are exclusive to Pyros, and having Drake to take a look at them before you can start blurring the lines between character abilities.

There’s a host of other changes for the game, with a decrease in recast times for moves in PvP and new cosmetic items for characters and chocobos, just look at this little guy! But you can find a full list of changes here.

The 4.45 patch for Final Fantasy 14 is live now, though you’ll need to have completed the Eureka Pagos story before you can head over to Pyros.