The good ol’ days.

GTA Online has seen you, the everyday street criminal, rising through the ranks as you robbed banks, smuggled guns, purchased evil underground lairs, and most recently entering the nightclub business. And while you’ve been shmoosing CEOs and politicians, GTA Online is rewarding players this week when you go back and hang about with the people who got you to where you are now.

That’s right, doing favours for Lemar, Trevor, Martin, Simeone, Gerald, and Ron will net you double experience points. But that’s not the only way to bag yourself some bonus points, because all Client Jobs that players launch through the Terrorbyte Nerve Centre are also worth double XP, while Stunt Races are giving away double cash prizes and RP.

There’s also discounts running on nightclubs and Biker businesses to help make sure all your criminal ventures look squeaky clean – you evil genius!

These bonuses and discounts are only available this week, so if you’ve been waiting to pick up some prime commercial estate for a little less, this is your chance.