Get a load of that architecture, then put a hole through it.

Ahead of its full reveal on November 18, Ubisoft has given us a few details on what’s in store ahead of Rainbow Six Year Three, Season Four, with a new location and some details about new Operators.

Operation Wind Bastion will take players to a Moroccan military training ground where you’ll be able to fight it out in a mudbrick fortress that’s unlike anything we’ve seen in Siege up to this point. The fortress is described as having “unprecedented roof access” which suggest there will be a chance for players to rappel down to the heart of the fortress, though it’ll more likely act as a guaranteed death sentence for users.

We also got word on two new Operators; the “stoic and imposing” defender, a commander which some players have suggested might have an ability which protects him from status effects. While the second Operator is an attacker who’s described as one “who travels wherever the wind takes her.” A description which some players have suggested on Reddit that could point to a hang-glider ability or access to a drone.

And players haven’t stopped at just what the possible abilities might be. Users on Twitter and Reddit have already started drawing comparisons with the new Defender and Maestro, while the nomadic Attacker is being touted as the new Ash.

We’ll have to wait until Ubisoft deliver the full reveal later this month, during the Pro League Finals in Brazil on November 18, to get more concrete details on what’s in store for players when they begin Operation Wind Bastion, but players seem fairly geared up for it already. You’ll be able to catch the Pro League Finals on Rainbow Six’s Twitch Channel on November 18, where we’ll see The Elephant Gang go up against Noble ESports. Yep, those are their team names, seriously.