Can you keep a secret?

The first planned expansion for dinosaur park sim Jurassic World Evolution is arriving on November 20 in the shape of the Secrets of Dr Wu.

The DLC will send you off to the Isla Muerta and Isla Tacaño where Dr Wu, voiced by BD Wong (Wu from Jurassic Park), is carrying out some dodgy research on a new hybrid of dinosaurs. So, you can expect to see a fair few new dino-friends as you try to lock them up in cages. You’ll also get to carry out some new missions for Dr Wu in order to unlock new equipment for the island and research.

And there seems to be quite a lot of extra bits and pieces included with the DLC, with a new campaign opening up once you’ve managed a four-star rating on Isla Muerta.

Our Viki reviewed Jurassic World Evolution and thought that it was a good idea let down by a lack of creativity, have a read of it here. The Secrets of Dr Wu DLC will arrive on November 20 for all platforms.