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Hello, everyone! It’s a delightful autumn morning (I say with the utmost sarcasm), and what else have you got to do on this fine Saturday but have a read of GGS’ weekly news roundup? Don’t say Red Dead 2…

We’ve got a good handful of stories for you this week – playing as Ashe on Overwatch PTR, delays hitting Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and the untimely death of Final Fantasy XV’s DLC, so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Try out the new Overwatch Hero in the PTR!

In case you missed it, gunslinging hero Ashe is the 29th to join Blizzard’s lineup, and she’s now available for people to play on the PTR after her reveal at Blizzcon last week. She’s a damage dealer who uses a rifle, coach gun, and dynamite, in the true spirit of the ol’ Wild West, and can summon her Ultimate B.O.B when she needs a hand.

Her abilities are The Viper (the semi automatic rifles fires three quick shots, or aim down the sites for one, more precise shot), or throw a stick of dynamite that detonates after a small delay, or when you shoot it, with the added bonus of setting enemies alight and dealing them damage over time. The Coach Gun blasts enemies in front of her, knocking them back and pushing Ashe back, and finally, summoning B.O.B, who charges forwards and knocks enemies into the air, then fires with his arm cannons.

Excited? Hopefully we’ll see Ashe out in the field in a couple of weeks.

The mercenary events for AC Odyssey are delayed.

As the title says, folks – they’ve been delayed a second time, after the events didn’t activate for most of the players. The update from Ubisoft says that “It wasn’t satisfactory to have an event available to only a portion of our players, so we decided to temporarily remove the Epic Mercenary Events from the game altogether until the issue is resolved. We are working on a fix and are hoping to introduce them later this month. We will provide an updated ETA as soon as possible.”

So it’s not all bad – players can take on other epic ships while they wait…! Nope, players have been seeing bugs pop up in these timed quests, too. No word from Ubi on those yet. Fingers crossed they’ll get them sorted soon, and thank you to VideoGamer for the original story!

All but one of Final Fantasy XV’s DLCs have been cancelled.

In a surprise announcement today, Hajime Tabata has apparently quit working for Square Enix, and the future DLCs for Noctis, Luna, and Aranea have been cancelled. The only one to survive the cull is Episode Ardyn, which shows events that happened prior to the game’s storyline. Episode Ardyn is due out in March 2019. The only good news is that the multiplayer DLC Comrades will be released as a standalone entity on December 12, for PS4 and Xbox One.

If you already have the DLC, you can download the new version for free, and ten additional bosses will be added. On the same date, there’s also slated to be a collaboration event with Final Fantasy XIV, with a new quest called “Adventurer from Another World,” where you’ll go on a trip with Noctis to Perpetouss Keep, where you’ll fight Garuda, who’s the primal from Final Fantasy XIV Online. If you complete this quest, you’ll gain special Final Fantasy XIV themed costumes for your wardrobe.

Paris Eternal is one of the new teams in the Overwatch League.

And now for even more Overwatch! The first of the eight new teams being brought into the Overwatch League has been announced – Paris Eternal, all the way from France. It’s a full house for the Europeans – we’ve got Damien “HyP,” Souville (who used to be part of Eagle Gaming), Benjamin “BenBest,” Dieulafait, Nicolas “NiCOgdh,” Moret, and Terence “SoOn,” Tarlier, all of whom are representing France. Harrison “Kruise,” Pond is from the UK, Roni “LhCloudy,” Tiihonen is Finnish, and finally, George “ShaDowBurn,” Gushcha is from Russia.

Find out how they get on when the new Overwatch League kicks off on Valentine’s Day 2019.


Well, that’s it for this week – kick back, relax, and enjoy your weekend!


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