Would you kindly get dressed?

Do you love the Bioshock series? Do you love not being naked in public? Then do we have good news for you, friendo! Because Insert Coin recently announced a brand-spanking new range of clothes featuring a handful of new designs.

If you’re a fan of Songbird, the giant mechanical flying monster that stalks you throughout 2013’s Bioshock Infinite, then the Songbird t-shirt could be just the thing for you. Insert Coin also has hoodies and t-shirts featuring small designs for Rapture and Colombia, the iconic cities that players explore through the series.

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The t-shirts and sweatshirts will set you back £23/$29 while the Rapture hoodie is a fair bit more, costing £45 or just over $56 and all designs are available for men and women. If you’re intent on showing everyone just how much you love the Bioshock series, at least Insert Coin’s range let you do it in style.

Disclaimer: Vikki Blake (Editor-in-Chief) is BFFs with the owner/founder of Insert Coin. As always, no relationships, personal or professional, were factored into this story.