Let’s get physical.

Fans of the whimsical NBA Playgrounds 2 will be happy to hear that Saber and 2K have released physical copies of the popular arcade basketball game for the Switch.

The boxed versions of the game will cost £25 in the UK and $30 in the US. NBA Playgrounds 2 got a fairly positive reception after its release in October, with Switch reviews adding up to a 74 Metacritic score, and Nintendo Life pinned it down as a game that’s about “turning up the fun factor in the face of actual simulation.”

And the partnership with 2K means Playgrounds 2 offers a huge roster of players and new locations. So, if you’ve had enough of the regular NBA sims and you want something a little more fun, then NBA Playgrounds 2’s price does look set to offer that for much less than most other sports games.