Is… is this your final form?

The latest Jump Force trailer focuses on the all too familiar power transformations that the Dragonball roster are prone to screaming themselves into but take a look for yourself.

Fortunately, the transformations are pretty much instantaneous in Jump Force, so you won’t have to watch Goku scream for 20 minutes before you can do something. And it’s not just Goku who shows off his final form; Vegeta and Frieza also have a few tricks up their sleeve, with Vegeta getting similar blue hair to Goju and Frieza becoming… gold? Okay.

The trailer also details a handful of new information about the game’s season pass, with a whopping nine characters locked away as DLC and the pre-order netting players a vehicle to use in game lobbies and a handful of different outfits.

Jump Force will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15, 2019. We had a chance to play a decent chunk of it and you can watch our video on it right here!