Quick, before it becomes another tourist hotspot.

The latest update to the MMO EVE Online, Onslaught, introduces an entirely new area for players to explore in the fairly unattractively named Abyssal Deadspace.

The area is described as being “high risk, high reward” and is available for all players, so new players can joining up with friends and begin exploring immediately. And it’s worth exploring the area, with weapons and tech all hidden away in the depths of the Deadspace, along with two blueprints for brand-spanking new spaceships.

Bergur Finnbogason, creative director of EVE Online, said that with the new update, “our goal has been to provide thrilling co-op gameplay for our community to experience in the Abyss,” but it’s not just co-op exploration that Onslaught offers players .You’ll be able to get a bit of PvE action on the go as you explore the Abyssal Deadspace, with players able to call in two friends to help out if the need arises.

Onslaught is a free update that is available now for EVE Online.