Indie-ana Jones and the weekly news.

Hello and welcome back to another roundup up of the latest goings-on of the indie world. And with awards being dolled out, DLC being lobbed our way, and new trailers to sink our teeth into, there’s not much time for small talk, so let’s get to the… big talk?

Portia shows off its crafting in the new trailer

My Time at Portia, an Animal Crossing styled game currently in early access has crafted a new trailer that shows how… well, crafting works in the game.

After settling in at Portia, you’ll be spending a lot of time chopping down trees, for fences or gathering metals to… craft a series of cogs that turn a Ferris Wheel which in turn provides water – because everyone knows that’s the most efficient way of supplying water.

My Time at Portia is available on Steam’s early access right now and will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2019.

Hodge stars in the free Another Sight DLC

Lunar Great Wall Studios has released the next part of their surreal adventure game, Another Sight. This time around you’ll be playing as Hodge, the fast-moving adorable cat who accompanies Kit in the main game. The expansion, called Hodge’s Journey, follows the fluffy cat to show how he ends up meeting Kit – that’s right, prequel time!

The gameplay for Hodge’s Journey suggests that there’ll be less puzzle-solving this time around, with all the footage showing Hodge platforming and dodging swinging metal pylons. Along with the switch in gameplay, the game’s design is much brighter this time around; seeing that Hodge has marvellous eyesight compared to the blind Kit, meaning you’ll be traversing through the terrifying London Underground with perfect sight, so you can see all the deadly trains screaming towards you.

Our Viki reviewed Another Sight a while back, applauding the game’s snazzy Alice in Wonderland design and the overall concept but felt the game’s mechanics were a little off. Still, the free prequel is a great way to get a feel for the game and see if you want to play Another Sight.

The Textorcist is… something

Remember Typing of the Dead? Well, Hybrid Games is reviving the whole type-test shooter but instead of zombies, you’ll be dealing with evil spirits.

You’ll play as Ray Bibbia, a private exorcist who’s described as being “a certified badass” which, I suppose, is a highly sought-after characteristic in the exorcist community. Similar to Typing of the Dead, The Textorcist will have you spelling words correctly to defeat the terrifying ghouls you come across, with every incorrect spelling scarring poor old Ray. And while you try to type enemies to death, you’ll also have to dodge incoming attacks in a bullet hell style game. And if that wasn’t enough, later levels switch it up by having you spell out in Latin because, y’know, excorsims and stuff.

The Textorcist arrive to Steam in early 2019.