There must be some kind of way outta here.

There’s some new(ish) DLC arriving for the Switch version of The Escapists 2. If you picked the prison escape extravaganza on console then chances are you may have already played through this batch of DLC, but new players for the Switch can now have a go at escaping from three new stages in The Escapists 2.

Despite what our headline says, none of the three DLC locations are conventional prisons. Instead, you’ll be escaping from the Wicked Ward; an abandoned hospital run by a mad scientist; Locke Castle, a fortress that now houses “serial escapists”, and Big Top Breakout, which tasks you with escaping from a travelling circus that you somehow get caught up in.

Each new level can be picked up individually for £2.80/$4/€4 or you can download them immediately if you bought the Season Pass.