Patch 4.5 arrives early next year.

Square Enix has revealed details about the upcoming Patch 4.5 and the new job, the blue mage for Final Fantasy 14.

If you’re familiar with the Final Fantasy series, you should have some idea of how a blue mage works. Like Quistis, Quina, and Kimahri in previous games, the blue mage in Final Fantasy 14 will be able to learn certain enemy abilities and use them during battle. Blue mage-exclusive job content will also be released with Patch 4.5.

You can check out the reveal trailer, below.

Patch 4.5, titled A Requiem for Heroes, will arrive in two parts, with the first in early January and the second, two months later in March. Along with a load of new content, the new patch will add the Blue Mage job, which was first announced during this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas.

A number of other features were announced for Patch 4.5, including:

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • The Finale of The Four Lords
  • Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
  • New Instanced Dungeons – The Ghimlyt Dark
  • Third Chapter in the Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid Series – The Orbonne Monastery
  • New Trials – Seiryu – The Wreathe of Snakes (Normal and Extreme) – The Forbidden Land, Eureka – Hydatos Expedition
  • Rival Wings Update – New Map
  • Gold Saucer Update – New GATE
  • New World Visit System
  • The first part of Patch 4.5, A Requiem for Heroes is set for release in early January 2019. Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.