Sean Bean must die… again.

Who’s the target? The Undying
Which location? Miami
When does it start? November 20
How long is it live for? 14 days
What do you get? Everyone who plays the Elusive Target will get the exploding pen as a weapon

The limited-time Elusive Targets are returning for Hitman 2 and we’re kicking off with a biggie, as Sean Bean – Hollywood’s favourite must-kill man – plays The Undying, going live on November 20. So, what you’ll find here is a run-down of everything you need to know about the Elusive Target and a few helpful suggestions (that are very much subject to change after the target goes live) about how to approach the mission.

Who is the Undying?

Unlike the Elusive Target reveals for Hitman 2016, we weren’t given a run-down of information about who The Undying is. What we did get was a monologue from the man himself, as Bean talks through all the different ways everyday items can become deadly, deadly weapons. So, if we’re making an educated guess, it could be that The Undying is an assassin himself – or possibly an agent of the secret variety?

What is clear from the Primer trailer is that the target is annoyingly aware of most of the tricks we rely on when it comes to contractual murder. He shoots the would-be assassin pretending to be a therapist, and knows that Agent 47 will be arriving to try and kill him.

So, if these characteristics and background are as they seem, we think that you can expect The Undying to:

  • Be surrounded by two or more security officers
  • Won’t be attracted by distraction tools like coins, hoovers or, dropping items on the ground
  • Will purposely move away from objects that could fall and will avoid running hoses and electrical sockets
  • Will probably leg it as soon as he thinks anything is wrong
  • Or he might try to kill you (based on him shooting the assassin)
  • May be able to see through the majority – if not all – of your disguises

Where will The Undying be?

The first Elusive Target is set in Miami, which if you’ve already played through the level then you’ll know that Miami is very much a level of two sides with the chaotic racing stadium on one side and the far more secluded Kronstadt building on the other.

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Now, the reveal trailer does give us some indication as to where Bean can be found and as you might expect, he’ll be tucked away in the fairly secure Kronstadt building rather than out in the open.

We see a picture of him taking a phone call in one of the offices opposite the commentator’s podium. So, if he does go there during the live event, it would be the easiest location to pick him off from afar.

But as you already know, the Kronstadt building is home to a fair few dangers. So, we’re throwing out some locations that we think The Undying will steer clear of based on our character breakdown:

  • The android weapon testing room
  • The car show floor
  • The aquarium
  • The toilets (yes, that’s a bit of a stretch but I’m sticking with it)

Instead, I think it’s safe to assume that The Undying will stick to the office he’s pictured in and the top-floor of the building which houses a gym, Knox’s office, is guarded by a security officer and houses a helicopter which we’re pretty sure Bean will use to escape if he gets nervous.

Based on the security found in the top floor of the building, I’m guessing the target will be found up there, perhaps nestled away in the roof-top garden’s VIP-looking area.

Disguise Tips for the Elusive Target

In terms of disguises, a security suit might seem like the safe bet but you might have issues getting past the guard on the door of the top floor.

Instead, consider disguising yourself as a researcher (the chumps in the white lab coats) none of the security detail seems to be able to distinguish one researcher from the other and they’ll largely ignore you. In fact, the only noticer you’ll come across when disguised as a researcher is the head of research found in Robert Knox’s office. Whether or not the target will notice you remains to be seen, but it does minimalise your chances of being spotted prematurely.

Equipment tips for the Elusive Target

Right, choosing what to take along with you is always a bit tricky with an Elusive Target, but based on what we think we know about The Undying we think that:

  • Coins might be useless, I suggest not starting with them and grabbing a coin from the busker’s hat at the start of Miami’s original starting area
  • If you’re going for a distance kill, arrange a sniper rifle drop-off at the parking bay
  • Lockpicks will be your best friend for getting into the commentary box so make sure you take them
  • I’d suggest leaving poison out of your loadout and picking up emetic poison from the maintenance rooms in the building

What will we be doing?

If you’re not sure how to approach it, take a look at how we’ll be dealing with The Undying (we’ll also let you know if it doesn’t work!)

Starting position: Default starting area

Starting Equipment: Lockpick, ICA Silenced Pistol, fish, Explosive baseball (smuggled item), default costume

What are you going to do?

  • Sneak into the Kronstadt building by climbing up the elevator shaft found in the parking bay
  • Lure in a security guard and steal his suit, then find the researcher disguise
  • Next, I’ll go to the top floor, unlock the gate for the helicopter
  • Find the Undying, explode him with a baseball (not a sentence I thought I’d ever write) and escape by helicopter.

Did that work? Check back soon to find out!