Xbox One-Point-Four?

Reports from Thurrott (via Eurogamer) have suggested that Microsoft may very well be releasing another Xbox One console ahead of their 2020 next-gen console, currently being called Scarlett.

This new model of the Xbox One is being rumoured to be a disc-less model, in what could be a move designed to test the waters of a digital-only model of console. Though Thurrott reports that Microsoft is looking into potential services that would allow customers to trade in their physical copies of games in exchange for digital downloads. A move that would surely only solve half the problem with a digital-only model as download speeds being stable is surely the biggest concern for players potentially switching over to a new model.

And if this rumour is genuine, then the disc-less Xbox One would cost a fair bit less than its earlier models, with the new Xbox One costing around $100USD (around £77 according to Eurogamer) less than other members of the XB1 family, as reports suggest the new model could cost £156/$200 or less.

Speaking about the rumoured price of a new XB1 model, Microsoft head-honcho Phil Spencer said, the company is working on finding new ways to lower the cost of entry into the Xbox family without sacrificing the core gaming experience. Don’t be surprised if the company trims up other aspects of the console to help save a few pennies, although I don’t expect storage to be on the chopping block at this time.” Though no specifics on the memory capacity of a new model were given. And reports suggest that the company is still unsure whether the 2020 Scarlett console will include a disc-drive, again suggesting that a new Xbox One model would be a test-run for the decisions of the next-gen console.

The news came off the back of Sony’s announcement that it would be skipping E3 in 2019, a move that feeds into a 2020 announcement of the PS5 alongside Microsoft’s announcement of Project Scarlett.

What do you think? Would you be up for a digital-only Xbox One or are you wary of the move? Let us know in the comments!